Horse riding

Through our partners, we can offer you one-hour hikes in the mountains as well as full-day treks.

The one-hour route is close to town, along a beautiful scenic road and is suitable for beginners. No special clothing is required for this type of walk. The price includes a guide. Horses are gentle and calm. Safety toques (helmets) are distributed at the base.

The all-day route requires sports and comfortable clothing. Those who decide to take advantage of the all-day trek need to have basic riding skills.

– To be able to keep balance.

– Keep their distance from each other.

– Have basic skills in horse management.

It is advisable to bring a small amount of food with you as this trek is 7 hours long, of which -1 hour is for a lunch break. The minimum number to form this transition is two people.

Carriage ride

An attractive donkey cart ride in the summer or a large sleigh ride for four in the winter months – 15 BGN per person per hour.

Off-road with ATV

Pre-order by phone is required.